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???????????????????????????????????? is an artists and researchers curated series of thematic & explorative happenings, performances, site-specific audio & visual installations taking place within natural environments – as a multi-layered platform of experience exchanges beyond all genres and definitions. The program is devised with the focus on the creation of an individual and collective exploration of our inner and outer natural environments.
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The articulation of artistic/personal practices into a shareable experience through the format workshop, guided practice, one-on-one/group therapy, group debate, collaborative experiments and improvisations, installation and performance that incorporates the potential of further development realised into a public session of collective experience. ?? ??? ???????????? ?????????? ?? ???????? ?ℎ?? ???? ???ℎ ???????? ?????????, ??????? ?????????, ?????-?????, ??? ??? ??????? ?? ?ℎ?? ??ℎ???.
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– 6 artists for active participation in the 12 days experimental laboratory, who will contribute to the following public one day and one night event.
– 6 artists join the final public event on the 29th of August, for existing or adaptable works.
18-28 August – Laboratory
29-30 August – One-day-one-night public event
Torhaus Wehlen Gallery, at Stadt Wehlen, Germany, and its surrounding nature of national park Saxon Switzerland.
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– A limited travel budget within Europe
– A modest artist fee (depending on result of funding)
– Vegan/Vegetarian Food
– Basic shared room in the gallery, with shower, kitchen, and common working spaces
– Video & Photo Documentation of your works
– Presentation: Quadrophonic sound system, Projector x2, TV screen x2, portable speakers x4
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Announcement of the results: 18th of July 2020
# workshop performance art performing arts dance, land art, experimental music workshops sound, sound art, body / image / territory laboratory – residence


Plays with the notions and perceptions of time spectrum, investigates its refractions & distortions in the space continuum, and ourselves, inside this shifting structure. It also embodies the idea of non-acceptance of our predestined fate depending on our location in the time-scale and an attempt to transgress these boundaries beyond history and identity frames, in order to finally re-invent ourselves, as well as our inner and outer environments.


Time as an abstract concept, ontological ground, absolute and independent of a perceiver. Time as an energy, source of knowledge and paradoxes, transmutational archivist, experiential transmitter. Time as what absorbs us completely, playing and constantly interacting with us. We as a vessel of particles, searching for new upgraded versions of ourselves. Where are we, actually? Is this all just about setting the context and the current perspectives parallax?


Time seems to be always encapsulated in happenings, thus, the properties of these events shape how we experience time. This is especially true in such a global event like virus epidemic or financial depression, we find ourself being passively shifted and oscillated between various “time zones”. Anxious and speculating on the unknown future, calculating the loss of the accumulated, or loosing the connection with what we are doing at the moment, as virus of prejudices and misconceptions in our healthy ecological mindset.

时间似乎总是被封装在事件中,因此,这些事件的属性塑造了我们对时间的体验。尤其是在病毒流行或金融萧条这样的全球性事件中,我们发现自己被动地在不同的 “时区 “之间转换和摇摆。焦虑和猜测未知的未来,计算着积累的损失,或者与我们当下正在做的事情失去联系,如同我们健康生态心态中的偏见和误区的病毒。

Can virus be a stimulus to find unexplored territories while the contemporary map seems to appear unsatisfying? Can virus be perceived as a trigger to shake our belief systems and re-invent our modes of conscious living towards sustainability?


We are experiencing time not only as the container of processing physical phenomena, human interaction, memory, or fantasy, but also, excluding the context and focus at the pure-inner perception of “personal time”. This experience might enable us to gain insights on how we evaluate ourselves in response to the outer world, furthermore, a sense of stability emerges from the impermanent reflections of our states of mind.

我们体验到的时间不仅是处理物理现象、人际互动、记忆或幻想的容器,而且排除了背景,专注于 “个人时间 “的纯粹内在感知。这种体验或许能让我们深入了解我们如何评价自己对外部世界的反应,此外,一种稳定感从我们心境的无常反映中产生。

How can we explore the obscure and enigmatic verges of our identities as human beings and deeply beyond this realm? Can we transmit and interlace our own and the collective past experiences into the rhizome of Future? How do we speculate and realise the futuristic approaches in the space of Now? How can we distinguish ourselves from the presence of Now?

我们如何探索我们作为人的身份的晦涩和神秘的边缘,并深入到这个领域之外?我们能否将我们自己和集体的过去的经验传递和交错到未来的根茎中?我们如何在 “现在 “的空间中推测和实现未来主义的方法?我们如何从 “现在 “的存在中区分自己?

Can we overtake our current time by imagining possible selves in the Future?
Are we identifying or confronting our present selves with the flow of Now-ness?
How can we transcend our cultural, sexual, and ego identities of the PAST into the FUTURE?
How can we overcome dissipating dichotomies and the inevitable separation between the human and the world itself?

我们是在用 “现在性 “的流动来认同或面对现在的自我吗?

My design proposal

1 Field Record _sound

2 Use Unity make a 360 film as documentaion

3 improvised sound with emergent animation

4 Animate a creature for the ghost sound:blender+python

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