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Beyond Radical Design

Q: what is the relation between dream and probelm?

Is design a problem solving problem? Why aesthetic is also a problem to solve?

Design’s inherent optimism leaves no alternative but it is becoming clear that many of the challenges we face today are unfixable and that the only way to overcome them is by changing our values, beliefs, attitudes, and behavior.

// I think that explains why psychogist is also a designer. We both design a experience to change people’s values(behaviors is the surface of iceberg)

Rather than giving up altogether, though, there are other possibilities for design: one is to use design as a means of speculating how things could bespeculative design. This form of design thrives on imagination and aims to open up new perspectives on what are sometimes called wicked problems, to create spaces for discussion and debate about alternative ways of being, and to inspire and encourage people’s imaginations to flow freely. Design speculations can act as a catalyst for collectively redefining our relationship to reality.

//Virtual Acoustic is also a reimaging a creative relationship to reality. Because we couldn’t see sound in real world, we can;t spectulate how sound of space could be. Big data is the same. The concept healed behind sound, is how data could perform better, deliver emotional information, aiding to make better decision.

They usually take the form of scenarios, often starting with a what-if question, and are intended to open up spaces of debate and discussion; therefore, they are by necessity provocative, intentionally simplified, and fictional. Their fictional nature requires viewers to suspend their disbelief and allow their imaginations to wander, to momentarily forget how things are now, and wonder about how things could be. We rarely develop scenarios that suggest how things should be because it becomes too didactic and even moralistic.

// Yes, it have to be beyond imagination!!!

We believe that by speculating more, at all levels of society, and exploring alternative scenarios, reality will become more malleable and, although the future cannot be predicted, we can help set in place today factors that will increase the probability of more desirable futures happening. And equally, factors that may lead to undesirable futures can be spotted early on and addressed or at least limited.

// Why I have to make aar happen? Because it stands for one scenario. Not strong, but a possible one. If I didn’t complete it, as Wong’s monster, it will never be seen, it may be proved to be a waste of time. It could only be examined by time, neither me or anyone else.

But to do this, we need more pluralism in design, not of style but of ideology and values