Architectural Geometry & Morphing Patterns

Workshop Leaders:
Angelica Videla (Universidad de Chile + Arquitectura Grupal)
Gonzalo Muñoz (Universidad de Chile + Arquitectura Grupal)
Alberto Fernández (Universidad de Chile + UCL Bartlett)



In this workshop, the participants will explore procedural polygon modeling methodology in Maya and Blender by a process that breaks down a complicated task into discrete modeling operations. In addition to procedural polygon modeling, the participants will also learn how to integrate topological patterns into the low-poly modeling workflow through morphing patterns. A series of procedural polygon modeling techniques will be demonstrated and provided to the participants through which the design work will be undertaken. The ambition of the workshop is to develop formal and aesthetic qualities and that are not indifferent to their processes. The workshop will use building skins as the playground for this design investigation. The skills that will be explored in the workshop include low-poly geometry components and organizational logic, sculptural mesh modeling, and discrete modeling operations. The workshop will be taught using Maya and Blender. Workshop participants will design highly expressive building facades that integrate surface, structure, and ornament into an irreducible assemblage of compressed tectonics.

Keywords: Form-Finding; Procedural Modeling

Software: Maya (free trial or educational license), Blender (open source)

Previous Knowledge Required: Beginner-level knowledge of Maya and mesh modeling.

Workshop Schedule: October 24 and 25, 10:00am to 6:00pm EST (additional appointments may be scheduled following the main session)

AIA Continuing Education: Completion of this workshop earns 12 AIA Learning Units.