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1 Apply fo r exceptional indemnity(check feedback email)

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Thank you for submitting the online form to request an assurance.

Please can you provide evidence to support your case, examples of evidence are provided below but this list is not exhaustive. Please provide as much information as possible, due to tight timescale we will not be contacting you for further information, a decision will be made on the information and evidence you provide initially:

  • Delayed travel – details of delayed travel including scanned copy of flight tickets or other correspondence
  • Inability to travel to home country – any evidence to support your case that you cannot travel back to your home country. We will be referring to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office travel guidance which is available on when making a decision in this category
  • Confirmed Coronavirus – provision of the covid-19 test results i.e. email from PHE/NHS, which must include your personal details
  • Wholly exceptional cases – where your case does not fall into any of the above categories, you must provide relevant and specific evidence as to why you cannot travel back before 31 August i.e. letter from employer/school/medical professional

Please note, due to Home Office systems, evidence provided should be as an attachment to the email and not as a link and should be sent from the email used on the digital assurance request form.


Evidence should be sent to, in the subject header, please provide the reference number which you received when you submitted your online form.


BRP reference number RH0553320